International courses in English taught by a team of experts in Europe

  • European curriculum for modern sheep farmers and all other people interested in sheep and rural development with authors, experts, facilitators and real shepherd from Iceland, Denmark, Hungary, and Turkey.
  • Sheep have played a great role in European agriculture, economy, art and culture, nature, social life and have made a great impact on our culture. This introductory chapter to Sheepskills will first look at the situation of shepherds and the role of sheep today and then will look at the history of sheep and shepherding.
  • Sheep have contributed to our culture and lifestyles for thousands of years. They provide is with valuable resources - wool, milk, skin, meat. Join us to share your traditions and ideas, who to contribute with sheep art to a sustainable creative economy.

  • International idea café on new developments around sheep
    - shepherding - breeding - stories - products - design - recipes
    ... and much more
  • Sheep and goats are the first domesticated farm animal the produce of sheep have old and long traditions. Poducts like wool, horn, bone, fat, meat, skin and muck has been used for decades of years....Today it is hidden knowlegde...
  • The aim is to develop knowledge about nature conservation with grazing animals. The students will be able to make a nature grazing management year plan and discuss costs and benefit by nature conservation.
  • Herding Sheep
    This course will give an introduction on the art of herding sheep with the help of dogs. Apart from learning about the ancient culture of sheep herding, this is also an empowerment course to acquire will power, life-balance, authority without being authoritarian.
  • The course is intended for women in agriculture, with or without much prior education within agriculture and meant to give the participants a good overview over agriculture and some guidelines about where they can seek further education.
  • Agro tourism is one form of rural tourism, where visitors are encourages to experience agricultural settlement and life at first hand. Visitors have the opportunity to stay or work for a longer or shorter time and see or experience everyday life at the farm. This course will give ideas and help to take the first steps to agro tourism.
  • This publication discusses value-adding and farm shop marketing, the differences between creating and capturing value, products, marketing and the implications for value-added enterprises regarding license and regulations involved with food processing.

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