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Sheepskills week at Lystbækgård, DK
by Jolande Leinenbach - Wednesday, 30 March 2011, 10:22 AM
Dear Sheepskills friends,

The Sheepskills Week on Wool and the Creative Economy has now started. Artists and Sheepskills partners from Iceland, Denmark, and Germany have joined the event to demonstrate creative possibilities, what you can do with wool. The participants will create animals with wool and then use the animal to perform a theatre play and storytelling sessions, based on traditional folk cultures.

Parallely, an idea café is going on to brainstorm and gather ideas how to develop new skills and creative business ideas around sheep and shepherding, and thus contribute to make our beautiful European regions a great place to live in.

All those who are interested in the topic, join us in our parallel online forum to share ideas, traditions related to sheep, wool and folk culture as well as new ideas for a creative economy with sheep!

Best wishes,


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